Mens Discipleship

Men’s discipleship

Our goal at Providence is to raise up men to be humble leaders in their homes, church, and communities. The following list of books and memory work is designed to help men gain a well-rounded understanding of the Christian life and it’s implications.

The following reading/memory list is in addition to the daily reading of scripture. We recommend you pick a reading schedule to get through the entire Bible in at least 1 yr. The following list is designed to give direction for intentional discipleship and accountability.


1. Gospel Centered Discipleship (Dodson) – Why we need one another in this process

Memory verses – Ezek. 36:26-27


2. Humility (C.J. Mahaney)- The foundation for following God

Memory verses – Prov 8:13,16:5; James 4:6


3. You Can Change (Tim Chester) – The goal is Christlikenss

Memory verses – Romans 8:28-29; Eph 5:1


4. Crazy Love (Chan) – Change leads to love

Memory verses – Acts 17:24-25


5. Pastor Dad (Driscoll)- How change/love look in regards to men’s issues

Memory verses – Eph 5:25-25, 6:4


6. Doctrine (Driscoll)- Laying a firm foundation

Memory Verses – Psalm 100


7. Spiritual Leadership (J. Oswald Sanders)- Well rounded spiritual leadership

Memory Verses Mark 10:42-45



Additional recommended readings: Precious remedies against Satan’s devices (Thomas Brooks), Religious Affections (Jonathan Edwards), Bondage of the Will (Martin Luther) Our Legacy (John Hannah)