While there is real concern over the things that religion, Christianity and the church seem to be represented by in our day, there is also real hope in the healing and change God wants to bring about in people’s lives. This change come by understanding that man’s problem is separation from God because of sin. If you’re not convinced, check yourself against the Ten Commandments: Have you ever lied, hated someone else or entertained lustful thoughts? Even in just a small snap shot of God’s standard, you can see there’s a big problem. None of us have kept the rules, He knows it and He wants us to know it as well. Understanding we haven’t kept the rules, should drive us to Jesus.

Today God is calling you to turn from a life centered on you, to a life centered on Him. Turn come by believing Jesus being God came here and died to rescue you from your sins and failure to keep His rules. He then rose to display His victory over sin, death, and evil. The result is that God will change your life and heal you, not only from the sins you have done, but also from the sins done against you. The result will be real joy and peace as well as motivation to love God and love others.

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