About Our Pastor

Pastor Troy Stuart was born near Detroit Michigan. He was raised by a single mom from age five, and at age 11, He moved to the Houston area. While regularly attending church and youth group, Troy did not believe to begin following Jesus, until his sophomore year at Sam Houston State. At that point, God overwhelmed him with a sense of his own sinfulness. It was then, that God brought him to repentance and obedient faith. After a brief time at Alaska Bible College, He eventually started his own trucking business in the Houston area. As God continued working in Troy’s heart, Troy longed for a greater sense of involvement in ministry, and in 1996 he left his business in the Houston area, and moved to Indiana to help with a high school and college ministry at Wawasee Bible.

Troy met and married Jennifer in 1998 at Wawasee Bible. They moved back to the Houston area, where he ultimately served at Copperfield Bible and Grace Bible before starting Providence Church. Troy graduated from Dallas Theological Seminary in 2007. Troy and Jennifer have five children: Damion, Charis, Caden, Joab, and Kirsten.

Troy’s great passion is that people would hear and respond to the gospel, in order to know and rightly worship the one true God and have their lives shaped by the gospel.