Pastors Corner

This Sunday

This Sunday morning we will see that even in suffering and difficulty we can serve God and bless others. Suffering, affliction, and difficulty are part of everyone’s experience in this life. Yet because of the transforming gospel that has placed us “In Christ”, we can live counter-cultural lives, even in suffering.


How big is your God?

Dear Church Family, I want to share a thought with you today. When David faced Goliath he didn’t face him with fear, but with anger. He was angry that Goliath was making fun of the armies of God. He was angry that a giant with a sword looked so big to God’s people. He was…



One once said, “Throughout the ages, churches have been plagued by those who proudly consider themselves to be spiritually superior”. A very true statement. This attitude which we are all capable of, is a result of pride, and is repulsive to God. The contrast is humility. Humility is the attitude of a servant. Humility sees…