How big is your God?

Dear Church Family,

I want to share a thought with you today. When David faced Goliath he didn’t face him with fear, but with anger. He was angry that Goliath was making fun of the armies of God. He was angry that a giant with a sword looked so big to God’s people. He was angry that God’s name was being profaned. David saw the same giant and the strength of Goliath’s army, but he also saw something bigger. He saw the bigness of God, who is bigger than any giant, and stronger than any army. Think of the areas in life where you struggle to have this view. Remind yourself how big God is, so the difficulties and challenges you face, can be put in right perspective.

Also, I have attached a link to a short video about the Providence Membership Covenant. There has been confusion about the covenant, so hopefully this will bring some clarity.





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